Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The light came into view just before eight o'clock Wednesday morning, and lasted for several minutes. Several people took pictures and filmed the phenomenon, but so far no one can answer what the light was and where it came from.

Out of control Russian rocket or a portal or plasma,UFO maybe?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fire the Grid

The Plan

Fire the Grid is all about waking humanity up so that we become conscious individual cells of light. Each cell of light radiates not only in itself, but for others as well. Fire the Grid III was about raising your own frequency, finding that moment of joy and giving gratitude, As each of our fields lit up, we plugged into the grid and tapped into the energy system of the planet, essentially raising our hands and saying "I'm here". My beings have told me conclusively that they can see us now and that there are enough of us.

The second phase is called Fire the Grid II, and it is about using the power of “I” to unite once again to become “WE”. Just as with the first event, there is a corresponding date and time which have been given to me by my Light Beings. Much has transpired since that momentous day, and roughly 24 months later, there will again be incredibly powerful energy available for all humans to utilize on a new date. The energy I speak of is our own love energy we used on the first FTG event.

Let me explain.

On July 17th 2007 at 11:11 GMT, a Cosmic opening rained down a living, highly charged force full of awakening potential. It was infused with Source energy and it was available to all humans who wished to draw it to them. We are conduits, antennas if you will, and we accepted this energy, drew it into us, passing it through us into the water system in the earth below us. At the same time, the love energy of acceptance and joy and gratitude that we’ve nurtured and stored while the energy passed through us also passed through us into the water. The water system then took that energy throughout the planet and began a healing. It was to flow through the planet for a year and then to travel to Brazil where it is housed in a crystal bed under Brazil. Crystal is alive, an entity in itself and could even house one of us. This crystal bed has been housing the energy since July 17th 2008. It has been pulsating out its potential from its resting place under Brazil and this July, it will be ready to be released. This energy simply cannot stay here as there is an imbalance, so it must return to Source. As we all will someday. There is balance in everything.

See it, believe it then create it.

The energy of Fire the Grid is ready to go home and the skies are open for the delivery. We can once again draw the energy of the day through us and pass it onward to Creation. This is the energy of pure potential, pure love, pure abundance and of pure creative ability. This is the united energy of millions of humans concentrating on one purpose for one hour as one mind. This is very powerful manifesting ability.

I have been told to unite humanity again for one hour of time. We will sit in contemplation of the world that will be. This is an hour of earthly creation with the highest degree of pure intention. Use meditation, prayer, thought, music or intention - any tool of your choosing to manifest the world we so desire into being. Imagine millions of humans sitting, taking a stand for something better; a world of equality of balance of harmony and joy. We will gather for one hour and hold the vision of a world fed, a world of abundance for all, a world of joyful experiences. This world holds pure potential for all humans.

With this in mind, set about seeing in your mind what that world looks like, see green fields, beautiful clear rivers and clean air. Now see abundance for everyone, see people smiling, happy, well fed, well cared for. See humans sharing and cooperating. What does that look like you ask? Simply imagine it. Really see it in your mind. The imagination is the paintbrush of our creations. See it here during this very special energy time. See it here and dream it into being. We will collectively see it and dream it into being. Remember you are not alone, there are millions of us intending this new world into place.

Now put details into your dream, see all of the beauty you desire. Add color and delight. The more detailed your dream, the more tangible we make our intention. See the people of the world living in harmony not only with each other but with the planet itself. See engineering taking a turn to work with nature for the betterment of both all humanity and the earth itself, working together for the betterment of all. People all sharing in a plan to challenge the old ideas and incorporate new, better, healthier ideas. The winds of change can be directed and this is our opportunity to consciously choose that direction. It is the time of a great gathering, a uniting of minds to create a better way, a way without exclusion. We can change the world. It begins with our hearts and minds.

This energy is available for you on July 28, 2009 at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time document.write(localTime);— Wed, July 29 at 08:19 (8:19 AM) in your time zone — It will be accessible all day but complete alignment for the best use of this energy will be at the given time, and last one hour.

If the key component to the first FTG was joy and gratitude, then the main components to attend to during the second phase are to be present and accountable for who you are and your unique role in the cosmos. Visualize peace and abundance for all. This is the time we see the world we choose to live in. See it in all its splendour; you must see even that which you could not believe to be true. Imagine in your mind a community sharing and caring for all. Imagine a world of plenty using systems that work with our earth for a sustainable coexistence with humanity. See peoples' needs and desires met in a loving, peaceful manner cooperating in all so that we all will benefit. See it! What does it look like? See the people in your life living in harmony. See the children of the world in comfort and delight choosing just like us. A cooperative planet sharing the journey seeing to needs of all including our great mother earth. There is a new race of children ready to change the world from within. They will be the leaders of this movement, we are just clearing a path so they may see a better way.

Fire the Grid is a movement for change, and it comes from a place of love and integrity. It demonstrates how many we are and that there is great strength in numbers. It brings a united front for those who know that we can make a difference in this world. True change begins with each individual becoming accountable, not only for what is happening now but what will happen in the future. Embrace the “I am” and we will create the “We can” to follow through with the highest intention to create a better world. Remember who you truly are as an individual: a Divine piece of our Creator. And when you align with others, you become part of a collective of very powerful creators. There are many changes coming for this world. The energy we hold as a collective unit will influence the outcome of those changes, but before we manifest more for ourselves we must put time and energy into manifesting a healthy planet and a healthy people so that there will be something here to enjoy in our future.

When you’re in joy, you create high vibration. When you create high vibration, we create a high vibration in the world. And there will be ease in the transition. It’s just a linear kind of rolling. The Light Beings have instructed that we must unite in our similarities not dissolve in our differences. They say to find the differences fascinating. Unite in the knowing that there is more than meets the eye. Know that you can influence this time and space and then do so. Put forward your best foot, lay the plan of your intention then tend your garden. There are many projects where we can tend our garden. They will show themselves. It is up to each individual to find the way to incorporate living with purity of intention everyday.

To summarize, what we will do on July 28, 2009 at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time document.write(localTime);— Wed, July 29 at 08:19 (8:19 AM) in your time zone — is unite as one, sharing our purest intention to create a new world. As each of us as individuals see the earth in its true potential, collectively we will begin to create a world with untold possibilities. Hold that intention for an hour. During that time, the energy stored in the crystal beds under Brazil will be released and we will allow that energy to pass through us on its way back to Source.

The energy of Fire the Grid is ready to go back home. Please join us on July 28, 2009 at 19:19 Rio di Janeiro time document.write(localTime);— Wed, July 29 at 08:19 (8:19 AM) in your time zone — for FIre the Grid II as we choose consciously to be present and accountable in the energetic creation of a new world.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aviary browser-based design tools

Aviary is a powerful suite of browser-based design tools for people who create. Head on over to the Aviary homepage to try the applications out and learn more.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dark flow: Proof of another universe?

FOR most of us the universe is unimaginably vast. But not for cosmologists. They feel decidedly hemmed in. No matter how big they build their telescopes, they can only see so far before hitting a wall. Approximately 45 billion light years away lies the cosmic horizon, the ultimate barrier because light beyond it not has not had time to reach us.

So here we are, stuck inside our patch of universe, wondering what lies beyond and resigned to that fact we may never know. The best we can hope for, through some combination of luck and vigilance, is to spot a crack in the structure of things, a possible window to that hidden place beyond the edge of the universe. Now Sasha Kashlinsky believes he has stumbled upon such a window.

Kashlinsky, a senior staff scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, has been studying how rebellious clusters of galaxies move against the backdrop of expanding space. He and colleagues have clocked galaxy clusters racing at up to 1000 kilometres per second - far faster than our best understanding of cosmology allows. Stranger still, every cluster seems to be rushing toward a small patch of sky between the constellations of Centaurus and Vela.

"It's totally possible that we live in a multiverse and we'll never know because there's been so much inflation."

Kashlinsky and his team claim that their observation represents the first clues to what lies beyond the cosmic horizon. Finding out could tell us how the universe looked immediately after the big bang or if our universe is one of many. Others aren't so sure. One rival interpretation is that it is nothing to do with alien universes but the result of a flaw in one of the cornerstones of cosmology, the idea that the universe should look the same in all directions. That is, if the observations withstand close scrutiny.

All the same colleagues are sitting up and taking notice. "This discovery adds to our pile of puzzles about cosmology," says Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Heaped in that pile is 95 per cent of the universe's contents, including the invisible dark matter that appears to hold the galaxies together, and the mysterious dark energy that is accelerating the universe's expansion. Accordingly, Kashlinsky named this new puzzle the "dark flow". ...more

This high-resolution map of microwave light emitted only 380,000 years after the Big Bang defines our universe more precisely than ever before. The eagerly-awaited results from the orbiting Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe resolve several long-standing disagreements in cosmology (Image: WMAP Science Team / NASA)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to End the Great Economic Deception

I think now is the time, while the heads of the Western capitalist nations are meeting about the 'financial crisis'
to take a much better look at how this is all run and who exactly are the people that have profited from it for generations. Keep in mind it was created about the time the US congress was also being coerced into WWI a few short years before Britain reneged on their deal with the Arabs and with the signing of the also very deceptive 'Balfour Declaration' the modern day bloodshed in the middle east had begun (the cost to Britain in lives and budget was huge in the years before the creation of Israel) >This is also the time the great deception regarding diamonds and the De Beers company that had manipulated the market for diamonds for years invested in an advertising campaign that created a fake value for something that was essentially worthless. All these world leaders know exactly the history that has got us to this point of economic desperation....not one of them can do a thing about it, collectively they can but the big money that really controls the world markets would have to ruthlessly exposed. (See an earlier blog on the creation of the Federal Reserve)

see this post here

" It took just under 100 years, since its creation in 1913, for the Federal Reserve to accumulate about $800 Billion in assets.
It's taken just two months to nearly double it."

Another aspect (apart from the derivatives gambling fiasco) of this that needs looking into is the huge 'War on Drugs' deception and the covert money laundering operations that it covers. War on terror is a similar process that converts your tax dollars into profits for rich men that own the production of the war machine.The links to corporations like Haliburton are pretty obvious in the outgoing US administration .All these things we are meant not to see but with the electronic age a quarter of century old now our world leaders must wake up to the fact that eventually history and the world view of people on the planet will not see the period from 1908-2008 by what lies and deceptions are concocted in the present to cover up the endless coverup that has set the stage for the myriad of world crisis we face together at this point in time.

An article from 2004 has pretty good idea about the housing bubble and a brewing crisis.. it took a little while longer to happen.Timed for the US elections maybe?

My last recommended reading on this sorry state of affairs is this article:
Paper money evolved from using gold as a medium of exchange. People would store their gold with a goldsmith, who had a secure strongroom, and who could wiegh and assay the gold. He would issue them a receipt upon their deposit. They soon found it more convenient to trade the receipts between themselves, rather than to redeem the gold itself for every transaction. This created an opportunity for the goldsmith, who realized that people seldom came to redeem the gold. He then realized he could forge receipts and spend them. Better yet, he could loan them out at interest, creating an steady and ever-increasing income for which he did nothing but forge receipts.
A fraud is a deception that deprives someone of his or her wealth. People only accepted the paper because it claimed to represent a specific gold deposit. If they had known the goldsmith was just printing the "receipts" without actually receiving a deposit, people would not have accepted them. It deprived them of their wealth by devaluing the money they already held.

If the goldsmith printed too much of these counterfeit receipts, people would notice the devaluation and everyone would demand his or her gold. Of course there wasn't enough gold to honor all the receipts. Many a goldsmith met his demise that way. The more clever of them realized that if they limited the forgery of receipts to a certain percentage of the gold held, the devalutaion would occur slowly enough that people wouldn't notice. The fractional reserve system then, was a mathematical technique for concealing the fraud from its victims. That is the basis for our monetary system today, but it has advanced far beyond that in both theft and deception.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Grandfather Looks Back on 40 Years of Happy Pot Smoking

Here I was, an honest, ethical man, devoted to his wife and children, a tax-paying involved citizen, law-abiding in every way, every way except for one -- I absolutely refused to let the government tell me I couldn't use cannabis. But as my kids grew up, I never defended marijuana to them, I just stood quietly by and let the state propaganda machine do its worst, and I trusted that my kids would be able sort out the truth when they got older.