Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to End the Great Economic Deception

I think now is the time, while the heads of the Western capitalist nations are meeting about the 'financial crisis'
to take a much better look at how this is all run and who exactly are the people that have profited from it for generations. Keep in mind it was created about the time the US congress was also being coerced into WWI a few short years before Britain reneged on their deal with the Arabs and with the signing of the also very deceptive 'Balfour Declaration' the modern day bloodshed in the middle east had begun (the cost to Britain in lives and budget was huge in the years before the creation of Israel) >This is also the time the great deception regarding diamonds and the De Beers company that had manipulated the market for diamonds for years invested in an advertising campaign that created a fake value for something that was essentially worthless. All these world leaders know exactly the history that has got us to this point of economic desperation....not one of them can do a thing about it, collectively they can but the big money that really controls the world markets would have to ruthlessly exposed. (See an earlier blog on the creation of the Federal Reserve)

see this post here

" It took just under 100 years, since its creation in 1913, for the Federal Reserve to accumulate about $800 Billion in assets.
It's taken just two months to nearly double it."

Another aspect (apart from the derivatives gambling fiasco) of this that needs looking into is the huge 'War on Drugs' deception and the covert money laundering operations that it covers. War on terror is a similar process that converts your tax dollars into profits for rich men that own the production of the war machine.The links to corporations like Haliburton are pretty obvious in the outgoing US administration .All these things we are meant not to see but with the electronic age a quarter of century old now our world leaders must wake up to the fact that eventually history and the world view of people on the planet will not see the period from 1908-2008 by what lies and deceptions are concocted in the present to cover up the endless coverup that has set the stage for the myriad of world crisis we face together at this point in time.

An article from 2004 has pretty good idea about the housing bubble and a brewing crisis.. it took a little while longer to happen.Timed for the US elections maybe?

My last recommended reading on this sorry state of affairs is this article:
Paper money evolved from using gold as a medium of exchange. People would store their gold with a goldsmith, who had a secure strongroom, and who could wiegh and assay the gold. He would issue them a receipt upon their deposit. They soon found it more convenient to trade the receipts between themselves, rather than to redeem the gold itself for every transaction. This created an opportunity for the goldsmith, who realized that people seldom came to redeem the gold. He then realized he could forge receipts and spend them. Better yet, he could loan them out at interest, creating an steady and ever-increasing income for which he did nothing but forge receipts.
A fraud is a deception that deprives someone of his or her wealth. People only accepted the paper because it claimed to represent a specific gold deposit. If they had known the goldsmith was just printing the "receipts" without actually receiving a deposit, people would not have accepted them. It deprived them of their wealth by devaluing the money they already held.

If the goldsmith printed too much of these counterfeit receipts, people would notice the devaluation and everyone would demand his or her gold. Of course there wasn't enough gold to honor all the receipts. Many a goldsmith met his demise that way. The more clever of them realized that if they limited the forgery of receipts to a certain percentage of the gold held, the devalutaion would occur slowly enough that people wouldn't notice. The fractional reserve system then, was a mathematical technique for concealing the fraud from its victims. That is the basis for our monetary system today, but it has advanced far beyond that in both theft and deception.

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